A new work created by acclaimed breakers and performers Marius Mates, Jamaal O'Driscoll and Mickael Marso Riviere, 'Shift' explores human connections and the shift between those - whether they be wanted, or unwanted connections. Using breakin' as the main choreographic language, expect a blistering transformation.

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A short extract of the human intellect and thought expressed through street and experimental movement. BreakDots brings NOESIS to life based on the aliveness of the two performers who are thriving towards a more meaningful life experience within the fast paced world we are living in. Could be that we are too naïve or scared to explore beyond our simple lifes or it could be that we choose to not see more being scared of what we could discover. Perhaps we already found it and we choose to conceal it; perhaps we already THINK it.



 A combination of the vivid narrative voice of award winning writer Chris O’Connell and blistering choreography and performance from two of Europe’s champion breakers, Marius Mates and Andrei Roman, TRAUM is a the story of new arrivals and what is real or imagined.



What does our voice sound like, when the call of our family, our culture, our history speaks to us in every moment? Three strangers look to each other for brotherhood, but will do whatever it takes to find their place in a changing world,Inspired by the people of diaspora, who live in the pursuit of the truth, Red INK is an artful, pulse-quickening, and at times darkly funny mix of hip hop, contemporary dance, and physical theatre.



“Irreversible” is an exhilarating piece that transcends the human emotions such as indifference and ignorance towards losing your hopes and desires to live. Represents the well known quote “Give a finger take an arm”.

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One% is a 15 minute dance performance featuring the dynamic rawness of breakin'. Two b-boys with colliding mental states respond to the energy of society around them, moving through perceptions of misunderstood emotion. This is a collaboration between two West Midlands artists, Jamaal O'Driscoll and Marius Mates, who both represent the established breakin' collective Mad Dope Kru.